7 Sure Signs He’s Interested In You

Are you falling for a man but you are in doubt whether he is reciprocating the same feeling which always makes you to be  asking yourself  these kind of  questions like  “does he like me” , “Is he interested in me” and so on. This inability to know his mind has been making it to be very frustrating and made your mind not to be at rest. The question is now how can I know if he’s interested in me. This article will reveal to you the SURE , PROVEN and GENUINE signs you have to be looking for to let you know that he is interested in you.

He Always Calls You By Name: The first signs is that he will always use your name to call you whenever he is conversing with you anywhere and any time. This is because calling your name make him feel good and comfortable. Since he is also having feeling for you , he will like to be mentioning your name often. 
He Always Touch or Body - Contact You Lightly: For you to know that he is interested in you, make sure you take note whether he always touches you lightly or  he likes to make his body has contact with your body. If this always happens, know that he is interested in you. This is because those contacts  or touches are deliberate ones not by mistake.
 He Always Avoids You At Difficult Times:  There are sometimes that you will notice that he ignores you. Don’t panic over this. This is due to his feeling for you because he might be afraid that he will loss you if he let you know the difficult times he is facing or he might not want to hurt your feeling if you discovered his challenges at that times. 
He Often Ignores His Love Life Conversation:  Always take note of his altitude towards discussing his love life. If he always diverses the talking to other discussion when you try to talk about his love life, know that he is interested in you. This is because he is trying not to make you feel bad about him or trying to protect your feeling toward him because he knows that he will propose to you shortly.
 He Always Gives You More Attention:  If you have been taking note that he always pays more attention to you when other women are in presence. Know that this is great indication that he is interested in you.
 He Always Likes To Tell Jokes:  Always look forward to if he always likes to tell jokes when you are around him to make you laugh. Also if he often looks at your eyes whenever he completes his jokes because it has been discovered that men look at someone they have interested in when they tell jokes. 
His Friend Always Discuss Your Love Life With You: If you always take note that most of his close friends often ask you about your dating life when you are talking with them. This is to help him find out whether you are dating someone at that time or not. This is another huge sign of his interest in you.
 Lastly, If you are a woman that is facing this type of challenge, try to take note of all these signs. If out of these seven signs, you are sure of 5 or 6 then SURELY,  he’s interested in you.