Advice for Newly Weds on Successful Marriage (2)

In my previous article on Advice for NewlyWeds on Successful Marriage(1) where I treated what can newly weds do to attain successful and enjoyable marriage. I have discussed about four tips in the previous article. The renaining tips are what this write up will entail in order for you to have full useful information about this topic.

Always Express Appreciation

Couple should make sure that they show true and deepest appreciation to each other. That is they must be able to always recognize presence of each other as well as importance of each other towards the success of the marriage and always put it at the back of their mind that one can not be successful in any thing without other. If this can be stick to by the couple, they will be able to feel each other if anything happens to other one. In short, couple must make it a rule at their mind that each of them is important in  decision making, viewpoint and ideas.

Always Forgive Each Other Easily and Quickly

In marriage, there is no way couple will not offend each other that is why couple should develop altitude of quick and easy forgiveness towards each other. This is because marriage without quick forgiveness will definitely bring resentment and mistrust which is very poisonous for marriage while quick forgiveness among couple will strengthen the love that bond the marriage together for life.

Always Cultivate Self – Sacrifice Altitude

Each of the couple should not always put him or herself first in everything or every decision they are making. That is couple should always put his or her marriage mate’s need and preferences ahead his or her own. In this way, they will be able to strengthen the commitment that they are putting into the marriage which will definitely increase the bond between them and make them to get more closer.

Arrogant, Rudeness and Egoism Should Not Be Allowed

Couple should make sure nothing in term of decision making, viewpoint , questioning or discussing  and etc should be done out of arrogant or rudeness or egoism. Instead everything must be done with lowliness of mind. This will always bring respect to each other and superiority to one another. If this tips can be followed and used, the conflict that always arises due to inferiority of marriage mates will be totally eliminated and love will definitely reign.

Lastly, the advice for newly weds on successful marriage discussed above are what most of the successful  couple have revealed to us as these are what they have been implementing for them to attain long lasting marriage. Therefore, I highly recommend them for all newly weds to implement. Surely successful marriage is GUARANTEED